Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

In alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) the parties design their own method of dispute resolution and choose the ground rules. It is a very flexible and speedy process.


Representative Cases

  • Multimillion dollar claim for breach of contract in the sale of jet aircraft engines
  • Legal malpractice case arising out of mishandled personal injury matter
  • Class-wide mediation of civil rights claims against Ventura County
  • Mediation of sexual harassment claims against a Ventura agricultural corporation
  • Claim for indemnity among insurance companies arising out of injury to construction worker
  • Legal malpractice claim arising out of mishandled family law case
  • Mediation of wrongful termination claims against a Ventura software company
  • Dispute between telecommunications carrier and reseller
  • Class-wide workplace mediation of wage and hour disputes
  • Mediation of a wage and hour class action against a Santa Barbara restaurant


Representative Cases

  • Wrongful discharge of a high ranking record company executive
  • Sexual harassment and wrongful discharge claims brought against a publisher
  • Arbitration of legal malpractice claim against a Los Angeles law firm
  • Breach of contract and associated claims by subscriber against HMO for denial of treatment
  • Multimillion dollar breach of contract claims for sale of telecommunications devices
  • Arbitration of wage and hour class case involving Southern California truck drivers
  • Wrongful discharge of board chairman and president of a themed entertainment company
  • Member of nationwide arbitration panel in universal life insurance class action
  • Arbitration of lender claims and cross claims against borrowers and guarantors